Foster Parent Training Requirements and Sources
Foster Care License Required Training

  • Orientation - (3 hours). (Training can be taken on-line or in classroom setting.) All
    applicants are required to complete Orientation. Orientation must be completed before
    taking Caregiver Core Training.

  • Caregiver Core Training is made up of eight sessions (each three hours long/24
    hours total) with a break for a field experience at the mid-point.
     Session 1: Introduction to the Child Welfare System
     Session 3: Working with Birth Families
     Session 4: Cultural Connections and Advocacy
     Session 5: Growing up with Trauma, Grief, and Loss
     Session 6: Understanding and Managing Behaviors
     Session 7: Communication and Crisis Management
     Session 8: Getting Ready and the Effects on the Caregiving Family       
Field Experience: Participants have the opportunity to learn outside the  
classroom by choosing an activity that will give them more awareness of the  
experience of children within the system or of the role of a caregiver for children
in the system.

The sessions are designed to help you understand how the system works,  
what your role is as a member of the team, how to effectively work with birth
families in order to best support the child, how caregiving may impact your own
family, child development and the impact of trauma, all about attachment, how
to incorporate and honor a child's culture into your own family, and more.  The
sessions include the voices of former foster youth, current caregivers and birth
parents who have been involved with the system.

Additional Required Training Before Becoming Licensed:
  • Working With Children Who Display Sexually Aggressive Behaviors(1.25 hours  
    online or can be take as classroom training)
  • Working With Children Who Display Physically Aggressive Behaviors (1.25
    hours online or can be taken as classroom training)
  • CPR/1st Aid/BBP-HIV certification – Training must include hands on training for
    infant/child/adult (on-line certifications are not accepted). Free training is available for
    foster parents, applicants and support persons through:
  • Period of Purple Crying – Training is required for all applicants of homes licensing for
    children under 2 years of age.
  • Medication Administration for Caregivers (1 hour online)
  • Mandatory Reporter training (1 hour online)
(SAY, PAY, PURPLE Cry training, Medication Administration, and Mandatory Reporter hours are counted as continuing
education training)

Required Training After Becoming Licensed:
  • So You Have a New Placement...Now What? (3 hours online or in person)
  • Minimizing the Risks of Allegations (3 hours in person)

Continuing Education Requirements for Licensed Foster Homes:
  • During the first 3 year license period the foster parents must complete 36 total hours
    of Department approved training.*
  • During the second 3 year license period the foster parents must complete 30 total
    hours of Department approved training.*
  • During the third and subsequent 3 year license periods the foster parents must
    complete 24 total hours of Department approved training.

* During each licensing period foster parents are required to take a minimum of one class
in each of the identified training competency categories of:
  • Understanding and Teaming with the System
  • Working with Children and Families
  • Supporting the Caregiver family

We recommend that every foster parent complete the Mandatory Reporter and Prudent
Parenting trainings during every licensing period.

For a more detailed description of training requirements click on:
Caregiver Continuing

A list of trainings that fulfill the above competency category requirements is available from
your licensor. During each licensing period one Cultural Event may be counted for required
training hours with prior approval from your licensor.
CPR/1st Aid/BBP-HIV Training
CPR and 1st Aid training must be completed in a classroom setting with hands on
practice. Online certification is not accepted. CPR training must include infant, child
and adult. Proof of training is accepted from any certified trainer.
Period of PURPLE Crying - When you sign in you will create an account so
you can return at anytime to review the videos or materials. Send your completion
certificate to an APCH licensor.
Links to Online Video Trainings:
Other training sources - Check with your licensor for preapproval.
  • Foster parent meetings that include training.
  • FPAWs; Foster Parent Association of Washington
  • Child specific behavior therapy that includes foster parent participation..
  • Child specific medical training for feeding tube care, Diabetes care, etc.
  • College courses that are directly applicable to foster care.-
  • Attendance at a child specific cultural event (maximum of 12 hours per license
Training Notes
  • Orientation, Caregiver Core Training, and CPR/1st Aid training do not count
    toward required continuing education hours.
  • It is strongly recommended that both persons on a two person license accrue
    training hours. If both parties watch the same 1 hour training video, it counts as
    2 hours of continuing education credit for the home.
Foster Parent Association of

The Association is a great source for foster
parent information and they sponsor some
great training events
FPAWS website
Request a Training Certificate - when done with an Alliance online
training, fill out this form for a certificate, email it to yourself, then
forward it to an APCH licensor for credit.
Or fill out a Foster Parent Training Video Worksheet and email it
to an APCH licensor:
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