Care we provide

TRADITIONAL - Short-term (respite) or long-term care for children of families in crisis (illness,
incarceration, dysfunction, etc.) with a plan for reunification

THERAPEUTIC – (Treatment) Care for children with special problems (ADHD, victims of sexual abuse, or
substance abuse, etc.)

EXTENDED FOSTER CARE - care for a child while they are preparing for adult living, including teen
mothers with babies.

FOSTER-ADOPT - Legal-risk adoption is dual track plan where foster parents care for foster children with
a plan of reunification and adoption. Placement of children who are already legally free and need a
permanent adoptive home.

FOSTER PARENT MENTORS - People work best when they work together sharing experience and
problem solving together. Our foster parents have foster parent mentors

FAMILY TO FAMILY - Foster parents can help rebuild lives and restore families by modeling parenting to
their children’s biological families when appropriate. Children thrive best when they see the adults in their
lives cooperating.