Who can qualify as a foster parent?

Personal requirements
  • Applicant(s) must have a heart to help vulnerable children who are at risk
  • Applicant(s) must be 21 years of age or older
  • Applicants must not have any physical or medical conditions that would impair their ability to care for a
  • All home occupants must be able to pass a criminal background check
  • Home must pass a safety inspection

Training requirements
  • Foster Care Orientation (1-3 hours) available on-line or in classroom setting
  • Caregiver Core Training (24 hours only available as classroom)
  • Working With Children Who Display Sexually Aggressive Behavior (on-line or classroom)
  • Working With Children Who Display Physically Aggressive Behavior (on-line or classroom)
  • Medication Administration Training
  • Mandatory Reporter Training
  • PURPLE Cry/Safe Sleep training (2 hours on-line for homes licensing for children under age 1 year)
  • Infant/Child/Adult CPR/1st Aid/BBP certification
(GO to the Training Links page for training details)

Home Requirements
  • Must own or rent a single family home or apartment
  • Have at least one bedroom available for foster child(ren) (minimum of 80 sq ft)
  • Home must be able to pass a safety inspection

Types of foster care
  • Foster care ages 0-18
  • Foster-to-adopt
  • Foster medically fragile children
  • Foster BRS children (Children with severe behavioral issues)

How do I apply to become a foster parent with A Place Called Hope?
The licensing process begins with the prospective foster parent(s) contacting APCH. The individual or family
completes an application form and background check forms for all persons in the household 16 years of age
and older. Follow the instructions for the on-line background check application.

The licensing process includes the APCH licenser coming to your home to complete APCH’s orientation,
home safety checks, criminal and reference clearances, creation of a home study, and any other evaluations
deemed necessary. The prospective foster parent(s) must complete 27 hours of DSHS required training
which includes Orientation and Caregiver Core Training and 8-12 hours of on-line training required by the
Agency. (The amount of additional training depends on the type of foster care the applicants will be
providing.) The licenser will guide foster parents to any additional training they may need. This process
generally takes  60-90 days to complete.  Upon satisfactory completion of the above, APCH will recommend
to the Department of Licensed Resources (DLR) that the applicant be licensed.  APCH certifies to DLR that
the family and home meets minimum licensing requirements.  DLR will then complete their internal licensing
process. DLR will notify the APCH Licenser when the family receives a foster care license, usually within 1-2
weeks following submission of final application documents to the state.  The Foster Care license is valid only
under the supervision of APCH.

Detail description of the licensing process
Application documents:
DSHS Application                       Word    PDF
APCH Application                       Word    PDF

Background check documents:
Background Check Application  
Word    PDF
Release of Information               Word   PDF
Out of State CAN form                Word  PDF

Additional documents
Autobiography form                      Word   PDF
Marital History form                      Word   PDF
Financial Worksheet                     Word   PDF
Medical form                                 Word   PDF
Safety & Emergency Plan             Word   PDF
Licensing Policy Agreements        Word   PDF
Policy Agreements                        Word   PDF
Safety & Emergency Plans           Word   PDF

Required Training  (Click on link to access)
DSHS Orientation - Follow links to "View the On-line
Orientation Presentation"
On-LineCaregiver Core Training
  (Select Foundation Course #1015)

(Free CPR/1st Aid/BBP-HIV free training is available through, but training can be from any certified trainer)
Your name:
Your email address:
Your phone number:
Contact an A Place Called Hope licensor
On-Line Background Check Application

Log on to the background check website and complete the
background check application. You will receive a confirmation with the
first page of the background check authorization and a control
number. Submit your foster care application along with the first page of
your background check(s), control number(s), the Out-of-State CAN
form and copy of your driver’s license(s) to the A Place Called Hope
Licensing office.

To begin your background check copy and paste this web address to
your Internet browser:

Out of State CAN                       Word   PDF
Frequently asked Questions         FAQs
A Place Called Hope is a Washington State foster
care agency. We cannot license homes outside of
Washington state.