Foster Parent Forms Library
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Foster Child Appointment Log                       Word        PDF  
Foster Child Incident Report                           
Word        PDF          
Foster Child Inventory (Arrival)                        
Word        PDF
Foster Child Inventory (Departure)                 Word        PDF
Foster Child Medication Log                          Word        PDF
Foster Child Placement Log                           Word        PDF
Fire Drill Log                                                     Word        PDF
Foster Parent Monthly Mileage Report          Word        PDF
Foster Parent Reimbursement                       Word        PDF
Policy Agreements                                  Word        PDF
Safety & Emergency Plans                       Word        PDF
Voucher for Interim Medical Services            Word        PDF
Foster Parent Resources
Background Check - The following forms are required to secure a
background check for support persons 16 years of age and older.
We are now required to submit background check forms for
visitors who will be staying for more than 72 hours in a licensed
foster home
Click on the links to open the forms.
  • Background check form – This form needs to be filled out
    carefully following the instructions provided. All boxes in section
    #2 must be filled, even if with “N/A” or “Same”    Word    PDF   
  • Release of Information – Fill in the form, sign and date. Word   
  • Out of State CAN form – Enter the months and  years the
    applicant has lived in Washington without residing in another
    state, sign and date. Addresses are only required if the applicant
    has lived in Washington state for less than 5 years. Word   PDF
  • Copy of Applicants current driver's license (or other
    government issued picture ID)  

Completed background check forms can be scanned and e-mailed,
faxed or sent by postal mail to A Place Called Hope.
Each background check application must be accompanied by a copy
of the person's drivers license or other government issued picture ID.

* Please use black or dark blue ink when filling out all forms*
Helpful Publications from The Administration for Children and
Families (division of the US Department of Health and Human
Building Community Building Hope-A comprehensive
source for Caregivers
Reunification-Bringing Your Children Home From Foster
Care-An overview of reunification
Foster Parent Association of

The Association is a great source for foster
parent information and they sponsor some great
training events.
Click here to view their website
The Our Kids App is a great tool for foster parents. The App, once
downloaded to your phone or other mobile device will provide foster
parents with quick access to placement details, licensing details, and
authorized services.
 Click here for details & access