Who We Are
A Place Called Hope is a nondenominational Christian non-profit corporation in the State of
Washington dedicated to foster parents who are devoted to caring for abused and neglected
foster children ages 0 to 21 and beyond. We are committed to restoring families and providing
permanency for the most vulnerable members of our communities.
What We Do
A Place Called Hope certifies (licenses) and supports foster parents who care for and nurture
children and youth with high needs, at-risk youth, medically fragile youth, behavioral
adolescents and developmentally disabled and pregnant or parenting teens. We provide foster
parent training, have 24 hour crisis support and provide a Case Aide program.  A Visitation
Center is available for referred families. We support educational and recreational opportunities
for the children in our care. Also available, an Independent Living Skills program for teens aging
out of the system. Foster parents are supported in providing short or long term foster care,
foster/adopt, respite services, therapeutic homes, foster parent mentoring and family mentoring.
All of us at
A Place Called Hope are advocates for the most vulnerable members of our society.
Why We Do It
A Place Called Hope believes we are all a part of the family of God who care for each other
and love their neighbors as themselves.
A Place Called Hope recognizes the contribution and
strengths of all members of our society, is committed to diversity and welcomes foster parents
who have varied ethnic and cultural experiences or economic backgrounds.